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About Us

Fathom This Underwater Productions is based in Coquitlam (part of Greater Vancouver) and produces underwater video and stills for a variety of distribution mediums including TV, DVD, print and web.

British Columbia is repeatedly ranked one of North America’s top SCUBA diving destinations because of the variety of habitats and marine species, including colourful Nudibranches, Anemones, Soft Corals, Fish, Sea Stars, Wolf Eels, Sea Lions and Giant Pacific Octopus.

We are best known for the DVD "Extreme Green", a fast paced "gee whiz" look at the creatures living in BC waters and a companion coffee table book "Extreme Green: Up Close and Personal" is now also available.

Cheryl Smith, writer/producer/director of "Extreme Green", has been shooting underwater video since 2001, and continues to bring the underwater world topside for non divers and "warm water only" divers to see. Cheryl became a diver in 1995 and advanced to a PADI Open Water Instructer in 2001.

John Rix, photgrapher/designer/editor has now completed the long awaited coffee table book "Extreme Green: Up close and Personal". John learned to dive over 20 years ago and began to point his photographic eye on the underwater life in 2000. Click here for more information about John's other work.

We are dedicated to increasing the awareness of the beauty, colour, variety, and abundance of the aquatic life that thrives in British Columbia's nutrient rich waters. Our imagery has been featured in video, web and print materials from the David Suzuki Foundation, Living Oceans Society, CPAWs, and Sierra Club BC.

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